Purpose of the course: The course is based on artisan ceramics and its implications and potential seen by those who draw and design. For this reason, techniques are experimented to understand in detail the production techniques useful for conceiving objects that can be made according to the possibilities of ceramics. This course is therefore particularly suitable for those who want to try their hand in the design of ceramic objects and artefacts for home furnishings, for interior designers, for interior decorators of urban spaces. The course allows you to acquire specific knowledge of the ceramic technique and its possible applications, highlighting the qualities and peculiarities that make it one of those most used in everyday life.

What you will learn: With this course the student learns the essential techniques of the entire production process: from shaping to decorations, to firing, with particular attention and evidence to the problems, difficulties and potential inherent in prototype production and serial production. The course provides knowledge necessary for those who want to design and draw design objects, make prototypes and produce them commercially.

Certification: Certificate of attendance and participation and the training booklet of the Centre for Ceramics Experimentation  of Montelupo





Technological specifications – theory and practical exercise

  • Differences in and insights into the main types of ceramics and their applications: terracotta, majolica, glazed ceramic, porcelain, stoneware
  • Differences in and insights into the main types of ceramic mixes (clays): majolica, refractories, earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, porcelain stoneware
  • Main coatings for artisan ceramics: slip, crystalline, glazes
  • Substantial differences in artisan and industrial ceramic production
  • Types of firing and characteristics of current kilns



  1. Regulations and guided tours
  • MOCA regulation (objects in contact with food)
  • Analysis of possible applications of ceramic design
  • Analysis of expectations regarding new technologies applied or applicable in the ceramic field
  • Guided visit to the Ceramics Museum of Montelupo and / or to sector companies that have worked and currently work with designers and produce their own projects.



  1. Equipment
  • Knowledge of the main equipment for ceramic production:
  1. Forming equipment (artisan and industrial)
  2. Equipment for the application of glass coatings
  3. High and low temperature kilns: types and differences in use, 1st, 2nd and 3rd firing, operating temperatures
  4. Practical experimentation
  • Practical tests on the pottery wheel to learn the technical difficulties of production, prototyping and series production
  • Exercises related to other manual and mechanized shaping techniques
  • Analysis and experimentation of realization of objects and artifacts with 3D printing, Laser, InkJet, Photoceramics, Serigraphy, Decal
  1. Coatings and decorations
  • Coatings on bisque objects: slip technique
  • Preparation and dilution of white glaze and crystalline glaze for decoration
  • Application of white glaze on biscuit fired ware by dipping and spraying: use and technical specifications
  • Application of crystalline glaze on decorated biscuit fired ware for spraying: use and technical specifications
  • Typical coatings to be used in third firing (3rd fire)
  1. Decoration and design drawing techniques
  • Practical drawing tutorial for the design of shapes and decorations
  • Exercises in brush painting technique on earthenware / biscuit fired ware
  • Exercises in brush painting technique on white glaze
  • Types of extra-pictorial decoration
  1. Forming techniques for prototyping and serial production
  • Practical exercise for the production of moulds as well as forms for the production of prototypes to be put into production
  • Mould production tutorial for serial production


from monday

to friday




8.30 am – 5.30 pm

80 total course hours







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