Purpose of the course: The course allows the student to deal with one of the main phases of the artistic and artisan ceramic production process: decoration.

Although the course is at a basic level, every technical and technological aspect concerning decoration will be addressed and developed so that the student can experience all practices.

What you will learn: The student will learn the basics of ceramic decoration to start moving in the world of the ceramic manufacturing profession. He/she will learn the notions necessary to start their own professional path alongside the professionals of the sector.

Artifacts: All the artifacts made by the students are their property and will be handed to them at the end of the course.

Certification: Certificate of attendance and participation and the training booklet of the Centre for Ceramics Experimentation of Montelupo.




  1. Technological specifications
  • Analysis of the main ceramic coatings (Maiolica, Slip, Invetriata)
  • Analysis and basic specifications of the main mixtures in relation to the application of coatings
  • Colours and their application in relation to the type of coating
  • Technique and use of pigments
  1. Basic technology
  • Basic preparation of the main coatings: crystalline , glaze, colour, pigment / dye.
  • Knowledge of further decoration techniques on ceramic (laser engraving, photoceramics, decal) and third firing (metals and lustres)
  • Firing: stacking techniques for the second glaze or crystalline firing
  • Firing: operating temperatures for the first, second and third firing


  1. Studio management and regulations
  • Workplace management
  • Management of water recycling system, waste disposal, special waste management
  • MOCA regulation (articles and objects in contact with food)
  1. Any guided visits to companies and museums


  1. Equipment
  • Knowledge of the main equipment for the application of coatings and decoration (dipping pliers, spray booths, brushes, etc.)
  • Furnaces and operating temperatures
  1. Freehand drawing on paper
  • Construction and realization of traditional Montelupo decorations
  • Design of specific decoration for open and closed form
  1. Application of coatings
  • Preparation of the coating: glaze / crystalline
  • Checking the density of the coating
  • Application of glaze on biscuit fired ware by dipping and spraying
  • Application of crystalline on biscuit fired ware by spraying
  1. Pictorial decoration
  • Excercises for the realization of swirls by brush on flat or vertical biscuit fired objects
  • Exercises of swirls on biscuit fired ware and on glaze
  • Consideration of the drawing to be transferred to the support and reference techniques
  • Drawing transfer by dusting with charcoal powder
  • Brush decoration on biscuit fired ware and application of crystalline (decorations: scrolls, curls and simplified decoration; Persian palmette; little apples; peacock feathers; blue leaf, fruit, human figures, scenes and coats of arms; local traditional decoration)
  • Brush decoration on glaze
  1. Extra pictorial decoration
  • Decoration with soap bubbles
  • Sketch decoration
  • Decoration with sponges and moulds
  • Decoration with stencils
  1. Alternative decorations to painting
  • Decorations on bisque ware and slip (sgraffito)
  • Decorations generated with special machines (laser engraver, 3D) and their application on ceramic ware


from monday

to friday


July 5 2021

July 16 2021


8:30 am – 5:30 pm

80 total course hours







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